A series of documentary films about the Japanese philosophy of life.

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“Shinto: The Way of The Kami” film universe aims to bring Shinto, the Japanese philosophy of life, closer to the audience. This unique philosophy is based on gratitude, commitment and deep connection to the kami - the energy of nature.

this film universe will consist of the following items:

(We are aiming to add more films and other media, for example music, in future.)

“Shinto: The Way of The Kami ~ Drops of Sun ~” (2021) (about 5mins) – short documentary film made for museum exhibitions around the world as a part of VideoWords project (http://videowords.altervista.org/). This film will be similar in tone to “Shinto: The Way of The Kami”.
Status: Completed.

Premiere: World premiere in hARTslane Gallery in London, United Kingdom on May 2021.

Availability: Exhibitions in museums and art galleries.

Free Access on Vimeo.com: https://vimeo.com/tomsajewski/shinto-dos.

Download (high quality version): Click the link above, then Download button, then choose Download Original (461 MB)

“Shinto: The Way of The Kami” (2021) (about 40mins) – medium length documentary film made for festival audience. A creative documentary evoking the feeling of Shinto mainly through visuals and sound.
Status: Estimated completion on July 2021.

Premiere: World premiere at Mlodzi i Film - the Film Festival in Koszalin, Poland on June 2021.

Availability: Film festivals in 2021.

Pre-order here.

“Shinto: Musashi-Itsukaichi Festival” (2019) (about 2mins) – short experimental documentary film about a matsuri - a festival celebrated at Shinto shrines in Japan.
Status: Completed.

Premiere: World premiere at Dumbo Film Festival in New York, United States on April 2019.

Availability: Free Access on Vimeo.com:

color version - https://vimeo.com/tomsajewski/shinto-mif-color

black & white version - https://vimeo.com/tomsajewski/shinto-mif-bw

Download (high quality version): Click one of the link above, then Download button, then choose Download Original (972 or 630 MB)

“Shinto: The Way of The Kami ~ Meditation Film ~” (2021) (about 40mins) – beautiful imagery and calming sounds is what we will need during this distressing times of world pandemic.
Status: Film to be released in June/July 2021.

Availability: To be announced.

“Shinto: The Way of The Kami ~ TV Premium Episode ~” (about 52mins) – documentary premium episode made for TV. A high-quality reportage with voice-over.
Status: We are looking for co-producer / investor.

Availability: To be announced.

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